Getting web traffic to a new website can be challenging. You can easily be frustrated by the extremely low visitors and opt to buy web traffic to increase the number of visitors to the site. The need for web traffic has seen the growth of many people and business pretending to be selling ‘human traffic’ to website owners. However, it is bad to buy these web traffic due to many reasons. This article looks at the bad side of buying web traffic, and why you should, instead, ping search engines.


Most people and businesses selling web traffic are selling non-human traffic. The seller uses bots to generate the traffic. As a website owner, you want people on your site, not bots. Despite the notion that many people are visiting your site, your site will still be doing badly regarding the number of people visiting it.

Banned from AdSense

If you are using AdSense on your site to generate income, buying traffic can lead to Google banning your site from AdSense. This will come with the negative consequence of losing the revenue generating ability of your website.

ping search engines

According to the terms of using AdSense, users are prohibited from using non-human traffic. Once an AdSense user is banned, Google hardly revises the decision. This will force you to look for new ways to generate income from your site.

Very Low Conversions

Buying traffic is associated with very low to no conversions. For you to realize conversions, you need human visitors on your site. Back links, SEO, and AdWord are better sources of web traffic. Buying web traffic will not give you conversations. The result is your site generating less income from the traffic than the money you are using to buy them.

High Bounce rate

Bounce rate is a critical factor as it determines how many visitors stay long enough on your site to interact with it, enjoy your content, and buy your products or click on your affiliate marketing link. Since web traffic sellers use bots and fake keywords to generate traffic to your site, almost all of the visitors will leave the site as soon as they arrive.

Does not improve Google ranking

Google uses sophisticated algorithms to rank pages in its search results. The algorithms ensure that sites that have high bounce rate and use fake traffic rank lower. This means that buying web traffic will lower your Google ranking and hurt your chance of landing human visitors to your site. Your sells and income from the website may also suffer.

Ping Search Engines

Search engines love new contents. The more frequent you update your site with quality materials, the higher your site will rank. When you upload new materials, be sure to ping search engines with This will instantly inform the search engines about your new content. In return, the search engines will rank the page higher in their results and improve the traffic to your site at no cost. This method will, therefore, help you generate more money from your website.