There were two major Google updates which affected website rankings on Google’s Search Engine:

  • Google Panda released in 2011 affected a massive 12 percent of searches. Targeted low quality “content farms” & this was the first Google update that actively penalized site owners that broke their Webmaster Guidelines.
  • Google Penguin released in 2012 gave over-optimization penalty that hit more than 3% sites in Google’s index. This update specifically targeted sites that used black hat link building & over-optimized anchor text.

It is important to understand how your web pages are ranked after these two updates & the ways and means to build effective backlinks:

  • Blog aggregators organize the best content on the web, but what makes them more powerful than most web directories is the fact that they also pull content from your RSS feed.
  • Some of the high-rank sites are Educational sites, Government sites & very high traffic sites with quality content, user likes, comments and shares.
  • Links on high page rank or high traffic websites (since Google Page Rank doesn’t work anymore)
  • Creating a portfolio on Artist portfolio sites or other relates sites and adding your links in the complete profile is another way to have your links built. You need to make sure that all information is filled in the portfolio.
  • Submitting comments in different forums or answering Questions in Forums with your profile links or links in the answer is another good idea to generate quality backlinks.
  • Broken link building is a new technique. If you can take some efforts and find out broken links on some good websites, you have to communicate with the site owners / Admin and provide your help in replacing dead links with your own links.
  • Linking out to trusted resources / outbound quality links is also important to raise the value of your website for users as well as crawlers.
  • Link building with Screaming Frog SEO Spider, if you use it correctly for white hat SEO
  • Link reclamation is an easiest way to earn some editorial links to your pages from the sites that mentioned your brand but didn’t link to you & you can claim these links.
  • Guest blogging is a viable and a free way to do just that. Guest posts to good blogs and sites where the links are ‘do follow’ is a great asset
  • One of the most effective methods for getting links is through resources pages on different websites. With this tactic, you can get onto some trusted high PR websites
  • PR sites – press releases on PR sites can sometimes give you lot of traffic depending on the importance of the press release to the audience of the PR site.
  • Going forward, quality of a backlink is going to be more important than having a number of backlinks. You need backlinks generated, but those should be from high quality trusted websites.
  • Article submission sites are those where you can submit articles on particular topics. The articles are reviewed and published and can contain backlinks.

Webmaster analysis is definitely going to help more to decide your targets and most effective backlink generating resources.